Julierpass 2'284 m.a.s.l.


The remains of Roman columns and coins found on the top of the pass point to an early use of this alpine traverse – even with two wheeled barrows. The steeper and more avalance endangered Septimer Pass to the west would have been direct competition at the time.

Once the trading routes were established, the importance of the Julier Pass diminished, becoming even less important when the road was built over the Septimer Pass in 1387.

The Julier Pass was mainly used for access to the Upper Engadin and to the Bernina Pass and a road was constructed over the pass between 1820 and 1826.  At this time the Julier became more important than the Septimer Pass – on one hand because of the more difficult terrain on the Septimer and on the other had because the Engadin was economically more important for the canton. This was the first road-building project financed by the canton.  

During the second half of the 19th century a number of changes were made to the route because of the increased number of vehicles travelling to the health resorts in the Upper Engadin. The opening of the  Albula line by the Rhätischen Railway in 1903 meant that, once again, far less traffic used the road. In 1923, when the Swiss Federeal Government put pressure on the canton to build a pass road suitable for motorised vehicles, the canton of Graubunden chose the Julier Pass and the pass road was built between 1935 and 1940 – the first alpine traverse with asphalt. Today, the Julier Pass is the most important northern access to the Engadin and is open all year round. 

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Pass status

Open, no restrictions

Bivio - Silvaplana

Winter tyres are obligatory for the whole winter period. Depending on the weather conditions, snow chains may be obligatory over a short period, or the pass may close completely.

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